Welcome to my site

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a long career as a musician, initially as a trombonist and pianist, but latterly as a conductor. Most importantly for me, I have often being tasked with composing pieces of music for important national events,  and some of these  compositions are still being played in high-profile performances today.  The chances to compose and have my music performed, have always been the most engaging and stimulating elements of my musical life, and I am extremely grateful for those opportunities.

My career as a full-time performer in the Army reached its natural conclusion in November 2010, and I made a definite decision after that, to deliver musical tuition to as many youngsters (and oldsters!) as possible, with a view to encouraging and inspiring them to seek out the opportunities available .

The close of my career as a performer gave me time to study composition with Richard Rijnvos and Sam Hayden, and this year (2015) I completed the degree of Master of Music through Composition at Durham University.

Some of my recent compositions can be seen in pdf score format, and heard as mp3 files. Unfortunately the sound files are not live performances; they are in fact computer generated through the Sibelius (version 7.5) programme. Although these files are inadequate for performance, they do give a general idea as to the nature of my music.