Having returned to the Scunthorpe area from Oman, I am now available for private lessons across the region, in the following disciplines:


Trombone (or other brass)

Composition (particularly GCSE or A Level projects)

Conducting (especially for conductors of amateur bands)

 Theory (particularly ABRSM Grades)

Why Teaching?

In November 2010 I decided to start teaching music. This decision was not an arbitrary one, it was made with the specific intent of trying to lead young musicians to the same level of opportunities that I have had as a performer and composer. I am equally at home teaching piano and brass to grade 8 (ABRSM) and on to performance diploma level, and am also happy to teach recorder and ukulele.

Theory of Music (ABRSM/GCSE/A Level):

It is a truism that a little theoretical knowledge goes a long way to supporting practical instrumental skills. Having said this, often musicians are surprised at how much a little theoretical knowledge really does help. I fully endorse the ABRSM policy that grade 5 theory must be attained before grade 6 practical can be attempted, and am quite happy to take on pupils in the theory of music.

Teaching Composition:

For my Masters' Degree I specialized in composition.  I have composed a great deal of music for a diverse range of ensembles over the years, and have a continuous set of composition projects on the go at any one time. My own approach to composition is based upon a number of techniques, disciplines and approaches from various points in history, and I always encourage players at all levels to be as creative as possible. Musical composition is, without any doubt, the highest form of artistic creativity, and is not explored by teachers and pupils as much as it should be. I am extremely happy to teach conmposition as either a stand-alone subject, as support to GCSE/A Level, or as a natural extention of theoretical study.

Teaching Conducting:

I have been extremely lucky to have been taught conducting by an outstanding musician in an environment where the theory, technique and practice of conducting and score study have all been delivered in a balanced package. I have a deep fascination for the technical and theoretical side of conducting in addition to analytical score study; the teaching of conducting and score preparation is something I gain a great deal of satisfaction from.